Meet the Mu-scree-um Staff: Halloween Edition

October 30, 2013
Happy Halloween, ladies and ghouls.  We take the time now for an inquisition of our Visitor Services Coordinator Katie Cvelbar…

What is your all-time favorite scary movie?
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

What is the first horror movie you ever saw?
The Silence of the Lambs. My mom would stay up late when I was little and watch lifetime movies. If I could not sleep I would stay up and watch quietly from the hallway. I was incredibly horrified by this movie but was sacred to tell my mom I was staying up.  For weeks I would crawl into my parents’ room and sleep on the floor to feel safe.

Best Halloween costume you ever had?
I was a chick hatching out if it’s shell.

What is your favorite treat to get in your trick or treat bag?
Carmel Apple Suckers

Least favorite?
Babe Ruth’s

Freddy or Jason?

What age did you stop going trick or treating?
8th grade

Anything else? Do you have a ghost story or Halloween-themed joke to share? Hello? Katie? Are you there? Are you OK???

Until next time…