Meet the Museum Staff

September 26, 2013
…well, sort of.  This week I would like to introduce to you Sean Martin, the associate curator for Jewish history at the
Western Reserve Historical Society, one of the Museum’s partner organizations.  Since the Maltz Museum does not have an on-site archive or a curator on staff, Sean is the person people contact whenever they find that hidden gem in their attic that they feel would be perfect for our permanent collection.  He examines the items on our behalf and assists in making the decision if it fits either with our collection or the Historical Society’s archive. 

What is your all-time favorite album?
I can’t think of one offhand, so I’ll mention one that I recently downloaded, Evergreen, Vol. 2, by The Stone Poneys.

What book are you currently reading?
The Patrick Melrose Novels, by Edward St. Aubyn

If you could compare yourself to any fictional character, who would it be?
Dunstan Ramsay, in Fifth Business, by Robertson Davies

What item is always in your fridge?
Parmesan cheese

Fruit in Jell-O: yes or no?

If I were James Lipton and we were on Inside the Actor’s Studio, which of the 10 Questions would most like me to ask you and how would you answer?
What sound or noise do you love? The door shutting after someone’s come home

What is the one artifact of Cleveland’s Jewish history you wish the archive had?
Anything related to Jo Sinclair (whose real name was Ruth Seid). She was a mid twentieth century author who unfortunately is often overlooked. Two of her books are Wasteland and The Changelings. The urban life she wrote about is based on Cleveland. 

Anything else? Do you have a joke to share?
Sorry – I’m lousy at telling jokes!

Thank you Sean.

Do YOU have something to donate/loan to the Maltz Museum – perhaps something related to Jo Sinclair?  Please read our FAQ page about the process.