YOUTH SING OUT: Voices Unite for Social Change

Stop the Hate® Youth Sing OutMore than 1,000 students from 14 schools collaborated within their classes to pen and perform songs for the Stop the Hate® Youth Sing Out competition. Youth Sing Out is an arts-integrated learning initiative that asks students to write a song that reflects their thoughts on discrimination after visiting the Maltz Museum. The annual program sharpens written and oral language skills while fostering a deeper understanding of historic human rights events. Students compete to win anti-bias education grants for their schools. This year’s top compositions explored the importance of voting, activism and love:


Shaw High School - Youth Sing Out






“Am I equal to you? Are you equal to me?”
1ST PLACE HIGH SCHOOL – “Let’s Talk…” Shaw High School


Midview High School - Youth Sing Out






“We talk about change; we think we mean it/
But what’s gonna change if we just tweet it?”
2ND PLACE HIGH SCHOOL – “It Starts With Us” Midview High School


Newton D. Baker School of Arts - Youth Sing Out






“Take charge of your country/It’s your civic duty/Now V-O-T-E!”
1ST PLACE MIDDLE SCHOOL  – “V.O.T.E.” Newton D. Baker School of Arts


Heritage Middle School - Youth Sing Out






“Hate is learned/Love is too.”
2ND PLACE MIDDLE SCHOOL – “Heal the World” Heritage Middle School


See more photos from the middle school Youth Sing Out semifinals here. Or you can check out images from this year’s high school semifinals here.

Youth Sing Out was presented in partnership with Roots of American Music and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame through the generous support of The Abington Foundation, The Bruening Foundation, The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation and The Nord Family Foundation.

The Abington Foundation Breuning Foundation Martha Holden Jennings Founation The Nord Family Foundation

–Samantha Fryberger, Director, Marketing (with photos by Scott Sandberg)