Open House & Workshop – The Dreyfus Affair exhibition: Anti-Semitism workshop presented by Facing History and Ourselves

October 9, 2013

8:30am – 4:30pm

In 1894, a false charge of treason sanctioned by the government of France and promoted viciously by the country’s anti-Semitic media sent a Jewish army officer named Alfred Dreyfus to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island. The case divided French society, sowed the seeds of future wars and ultimately inspired the birth of the modern Zionist movement. It also raised a question still relevant today: In a republic established on the precepts of liberty and equality, why was it so easy to engineer a brazen travesty of justice in the name of national security?

Through studying the evolution of a particular myth and stereotype, participants will explore universal questions of identity and membership. The content of this workshop will draw largely from Facing History’s publication, A Convenient Hatred: The History of anti-Semitism, the Museum’s exhibit, and other resources providing insights into the ways hatred is learned and transmitted from one generation to the next. This workshop will explore a variety of strategies for bringing into the classroom the evolution of this longstanding hatred.