Helping Educators Be on the Right Side of History Virtual Summit

April 23 – 25
Virtual Educator Summit
Free to attend

What is this Summit? Recent events are forcing educators to question their practices and address the inequities that are occurring in their institutions. During this three-day free event, administrators, teachers, and students will network with other educators, share best practices, and develop actionable teacher leadership plans to dismantle racism in their schools, districts, and universities.

What is Teach to Lead? Teach to Lead is led by the U.S. Department of Education, ASCD, and Teach Plus. This initiative ​has equipped teacher leaders from throughout this country with the skills to create systemic and substantial changes in their schools, districts, and communities. ​Powered by Teach to Lead Summits expand the Teach to Lead structure to supporting organizations. These summits spotlight and advance the groundbreaking, teacher-led work that is currently happening across this country.

Who Should Attend?
K-12 Educators, Pre-Service Teachers, Administrators, College Professors, Faculty

Themes: Educating for Equity, Antiracist Pedagogy, Intersectionality of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation, Inclusive Hiring Practices, Understanding Differences, Affinity Groups, Dismantling Systems of Oppression, Primary Sources in Daily Instruction, White Privilege, Crucial Conversations, Implicit Biases and Decision-Making, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Planning,

We are proud to partner with Teach to Lead on this event