Jewish Lives: Solomon: The Lure of Wisdom

Wednesdays, July 15 – 29, 10AM
Remote Course

$45 for Maltz Museum Members and CWRU – Siegal Lifelong Learning Members, $55 General

The Jewish Lives series, published by Yale University Press, explores the stories of historical and present-day influential individuals whose Jewish experiences shaped their contributions to culture, science, and politics. Local professors lead these book discussions.

Respective book should be brought to class. Discount: Visit for a 35% discount plus free shipping on the books for this series. Discount Codes: Berlin: CWBERLIN Solomon: CWSOLOMON David: CWDAVID

Tradition has it that King Solomon knew everything there was to know—the mysteries of nature, of love, of God himself—but what do we know of him? Join Ezra Blaustein to explore Steven Weitzman’s book which reintroduces readers to Solomon’s story and its surprising influence in shaping Western culture, and he also examines what Solomon’s life, wisdom, and writings have come to mean for Jews, Christians, and Muslims over the past 2,000 years.

The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage is proud to collaborate with CWRU – Siegal Lifelong Learning on remote lectures and virtual classes.

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