LECTURE WITH Q&A: Tel Aviv’s Graffiti Art Movement, with Israeli Artist Elinoy Kisslove

SUN, MAR 10, 3PM

$10 General; $5 Maltz Museum & Siegal Lifelong Learning Members

Elinoy Kisslove is a graffiti artist and activist who lives in Tel Aviv. Elinoy claims that “Expressing an anonymous opinion on the street is the best way to spread a strong message. It keeps the focus on the message and not on the person behind it.” Following her passion was not always easy as most of the graffiti pieces she creates have been done undercover and are considered to be illegal. Join Elinoy as she teaches us the meaning of graffiti as a language to spread important messages, and as a way to call attention to things people are unaware of. Thank you to our community partner @akiva.

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