Israel’s Changing Story: How History Has Been Revised

WED Oct 17  |  7pm
at Maltz Museum

$10 General; $5 Maltz Museum & Siegal Lifelong Learning Members

The nature of the relationship between the Jewish people and the land of Israel has long been of interest to Jewish historians. Over the centuries, though, scholars’ depictions of this relationship have undergone radical changes.  Brian Amkraut, Executive Director of CWRU–Siegal Lifelong Learning, outlines the major trends (from the late nineteenth century—when Jewish history emerged as a discipline—until the recent rise of the new post-Zionist historians), the cause of the shifts, and their impact on how we think about Israel’s history.

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Join Brian Amkraut of Siegal Lifelong Learning for a 4-week course on “Zionist Ideas:  Visions of a Jewish Homeland Then and Now”
Every Tuesday, October 30–November 6, CWRU–Siegel Lifelong Learning
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Not only has the history of Israel showed much change over many decades, but the state’s founding ideology, namely Zionism, has also seen significant development since its earliest incarnations.  Relying on the new collection, The Zionist Ideas by Gil Troy, these four sessions will explore how the actual history of the Jewish state: its foundations, formation, and evolution, have given rise to varied and often competing perspectives on the ultimate goals and paths of Zionism.  How has the “two thousand year-old hope” that inspired Israel’s founding stood the test of governance and survival in the modern age?