The Arab-Israeli Conflict in the 21st Century

WED Oct 31  |  7pm
at CWRU–Siegal Lifelong Learning, 25700 Science Park Drive, Beachwood

$10 General; $5 Maltz Museum & Siegal Lifelong Learning Members

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has passed through three major stages since its origins in nineteenth-century Ottoman Turkey: from a collision between two communities in Palestine, to an interstate conflict between Israel and Arab states, to the re-emergence of the Palestinians as major actors opposite Israel.  Since the turn of the 21st century a fourth stage has emerged rooted in religious militancy, the rise of non-state actors, and changes in the nature of warfare. Join Alan Dowty, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at University of Notre Dame to discover how this development complicates chances of reaching a two-state settlement of the conflict.

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