I Remember…

Clatter and chatter.  Tiles clicking.  Female voices (my mom and aunts, I think).  Laughter. Helping to mix the tiles and put everything back into the box where it fits just so.  Thinking how cool it will be when I grow up and can play such a grown up game, when I will be able to do more than match the pretty pictures.   Best of all, the day I can win and shout MAH JONGG.

All grown up now, and still never learned the game, so I’m learning now and had that long-awaited moment last week.  Thanks to Amy Cummings and Caryl Richards, friends and teachers extraordinaire, I won my first game! (with a lot of help). Saw Project Mah Jongg in New York and CAN’T WAIT for Ohio to see it.   I think I’m hooked.

Judi Feniger

Executive Director, Maltz Museum