Maltz Museum Executive Director at Chautauqua

Judi Feniger Speaking at The Everett Jewish Life Center

Cleveland, Ohio – July 25, 2011 – What do you envision when you think of a Jewish Heritage Museum?  Does your image include a growing reputation as a safe space of diversity and inclusion?  An entertaining venue for celebrations of all types and for all ages?  Would you expect to see Rembrandt, emerging Hungarian artists, world-class contemporary art?  Would it surprise you to find programs on terrorism, superheroes, sports figures, Catholic nuns?  The Maltz Museum, currently celebrating its fifth anniversary, is all this and much more.


Executive Director Judi Feniger is speaking at The Everett Jewish Life Center in Chautauqua on Friday, August 5, as part of their Week 6 schedule of events.  The presentation, titled “Imagine the Possibilities”, examines how a young organization finds its identity and grows its mission, and what is upcoming at the Museum.  A panel exhibition showcasing the Museum’s first five years is on display now at the Center.  This is the second year Ms. Feniger has given a presentation at Chautauqua.


The Everett Jewish Life Center at Chautauqua provides a focus for Jewish and inter-religious events at Chautauqua. It was built with a generous gift from Edith Everett and her family in honor and memory of her husband, Henry Everett. It adds another dimension to Jewish life at Chautauqua and provides a visible presence for the Jewish community.


For more information contact The Everett Jewish Life Center at 716.357.2077 or



Judi Feniger – Executive Director, Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage



“Imagine the Possibilities” – presentation on the first five years of the Maltz Museum



The Everett Jewish Life Center – Chautauqua, New York



Friday, August 5, 12:15pm