The Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936

NO Torch

October 19, 2010 – January 23, 2011


Produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, The Nazi Olympics takes a stunning look at how world politics, sports, and racism converged in Germany. The exhibition explores the issues surrounding the 1936 Games–the Nazis’ use of propaganda, the intense boycott debate, the history of the torch run, the historic performance of Jesse Owens, and more. Video testimonials from Olympians and boycotters will be featured, along with an original torch from that year’s Games, historical photographs and film footage. The Maltz Museum has added several items of Owens’ personal memorabilia, courtesy of The Ohio State University’s collection, including his diary from the voyage to Berlin, one of his gold medals and a trophy won at East Tech High School in 1932.


Presented by the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Indians, with support from KeyCorp.