for Middle & High School Students

What will you do to stop hatred and discrimination?

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New This Year

All ENTRIES (Grades 6-12)
In 500 words or less tell us about:

  • A time you witnessed an act of discrimination or hate toward yourself or someone else
  • If you responded, why did you decide to stand up? How can you encourage your peers to do the same?
  • If you didn’t respond, why not and what changes might you make to your behavior next time?

Discrimination is defined as any act of prejudice or intolerance perpetrated upon one individual by another; a group against an individual; or one group against another group. For example, essays may respond to discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical, mental or emotional challenges, economic status and/or less specific criteria such as bullying, name-calling, malicious gossiping, or ostracizing someone for unspecified reasons. 

New Prizes
In addition to student scholarships, three schools will be eligible to win $10,000 for their schools to be used specifically toward anti-bias education. The three prize winning schools will be:

  • The school with the grand prize winning entry
  • The school with the highest percentage of student entries
  • One of the 8 CMSD schools chosen to participate in Stop the Hate: Youth Sing Out
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