The Conspiracy Film Screening (CIFF 47)

In Person Screenings at Playhouse Square:
Monday, March 27, 5:10 PM

Online On Demand Screenings:
April 2 – April 9, 2022

$14 for Online Streams, $18 for In Person Screenings (16 for CIFF Members)

Tickets to the 47th Cleveland International Film Festival are now on sale! More than 300 films are part of this year’s lineup. The Maltz Museum is a CIFF 47 Community Partner in support of the film, The Conspiracy. Use our discount code MALTZ and you will receive $1 off the purchase of a ticket. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling 877 304 3456

About the Film
The hateful conspiracy that just won’t go away—that somehow a cabal of Jewish people control the world—sends filmmaker Maxim Pozdorovkin to detail 250 years of antisemitism in this clear-eyed, partially-animated documentary about the myths and movements that continue to percolate into yet another century. —M.G.

For thousands of years, in countries across the world, the Jewish people have been blamed and scapegoated for nearly everything under the sun. The roots of anti-Semitism are about as old as modern history, with the Jews being accused of murdering Jesus Christ, but of course, it didn’t stop there. Conspiracy theories have resurfaced again and again in the western world, especially when there is a need for someone to blame for a nation’s strife. A captivating animated documentary, THE CONSPIRACY takes viewers through the complex web that is the history of the Jewish conspiracy theory, and leads us right to where we sit in this present moment. With the recent resurgence of these old anti-semitic tropes, understanding the root of these baseless lies is more important now than ever before, lest we repeat history. — G.S.

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Mar 27 2023


5:10 pm - 6:50 pm