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Join us to explore themes of diversity and inclusion through interactive experiences, historic images, and artifacts.


The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage is a museum of action, where people of all ages and backgrounds come to learn about history of bias and discrimination in order to recognize and prevent hate in all its forms in the present and future.

Group tours are led by trained docents who guide visitors through interactive experiences, lifting history out of books and into life through inquiry and object-based learning.

Holocaust Education  |  Never Forget

We are the premier venue in Northeast Ohio for Holocaust education. Survivor stories and artifacts bring history to life to reveal the full range of human behaviors from acts of hate to those of courage.

Lessons of the Holocaust Grades 6 – 12

The Holocaust stands as a defining moment of the 20th century, arguably the most violent century in history. Visitors explore difficult but relevant content, such as:

  • The rise of modern anti-Semitism and history of hatred against Jews
  • How global economic depression, nationalism, and militarism made state-sponsored mass murder possible
  • The tactics and psychology of propaganda
  • The behavior of individuals under extreme conditions

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Anti-Bias Education | Words Matter

Our flagship program, Stop the Hate®, fosters discussion about diversity & inclusion. We are the premier venue in Northeast Ohio for Holocaust education. We provide a platform to young leaders who are advocates and upstanders in their communities.

Stop the Hate® Grades 6 – 12

Hate has known many forms in human history. Visitors are given opportunity to reflect on intolerance and oppression in the world and in their own lives by:

  • Studying historical documents and artifacts and engaging in meaningful group discussions
  • Examining how destructive forces can affect a group of people socially, economically, and politically
  • Identifying possible solutions for advancing inclusivity

This tour complements the museum’s Stop The Hate® scholarship contest, in which students share actions they have taken against bias experienced in their own lives for a chance to win scholarship money for themselves and their schools.

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Immigration Education | Respect for All

Our mission is to share voices from our local and global immigrant communities. We tell stories of breaking down barriers and overcoming obstacles to build a more inclusive society.

Building a City Grades K – 5

Meet the early pioneers of Cleveland to explore themes of hard work and working as a team to build this city. Hands-on activities, photographs, and storytelling engage young learners in how Cleveland has changed over the last 100 years, including how immigrants valued civic leadership and helping others to build strength across the community.

Becoming American Grades 6 – 12

Discover how Jewish immigrants in the early 20th century were able to overcome cultural bias and prejudice to integrate into society with the support of government programs, settlement houses, and Jewish communal institutions. Then, participate in discussion and analysis of documents to consider the meaning of identity, culture, community, and what it is to be “American.”

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Jewish Education | Never Forget

We are a safe space to ask and learn about the history of Judaism and its people. By exploring one of the oldest collections of Judaica in the country, we immerse audiences in the beauty of ritual and religion.

Celebrate With Us Grades K – 5

Learning about religion and culture helps develop understanding and empathy for others. During this exploration of Jewish holidays, students will learn about Jewish traditions through storytelling, ritual objects, art, and song. A celebration of learning that is perfect during holiday seasons!

Common Threads of Judaism and Christianity
Grades 6 – 12

Judaism and Christianity have helped shape the Western worldview for well over two millennia. Join us to explore the relationship between Judaism and Christianity from a historical perspective through interaction with Jewish ritual objects, texts, and visual art from around the world.

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