School & Youth Tours

The Maltz Museum builds bridges of understanding between the diverse ethnic, racial and religious communities of Northeast Ohio. We tell the story of the Jewish people in Cleveland as a lens to look at broader issues in American and world history. While the stories may be decades—or even centuries—old, the lessons and values they transmit are as relevant as ever.  Utilizing films, oral histories, artifacts, historic photographs and interactive computer displays, your students will encounter

  • Clevelanders who stood up to hatred, racism, and anti-Semitism and built a community of tolerance and diversity.
  • The tragedy of the Holocaust and the stories of survivors who triumphed over Nazi hatred.
  • Cleveland’s growth from an isolated, swampy village to a thriving, modern metropolis.
  • The immigrant experience in America and the struggle to hold onto traditions of the old world while embracing the freedoms and opportunities of the new.
  • Jewish traditions that are rooted in ancient times yet continue to evolve.
  • The State of Israel and the modern re-birth of an ancient nation.


All Maltz Museum programs encourage hands-on, participatory learning and are aligned with Ohio State Academic Content Standards in Social Studies, Language Arts and Fine Arts.  Related State Standards are listed under each program title.