Maltz Heritage Award

Committed to building bridges of understanding between people of all faiths, races and cultures, the Maltz Museum celebrates individuals whose leadership, vision and humanity have changed our region for the better.

The annual Maltz Heritage Award recognizes individuals who have left an indelible mark on our community.

“Maltz Heritage Award honorees embrace an understanding of diversity and inclusion as a key to success,” notes Museum Board Chair Grant Dinner. “They propel their respective institutions to new heights while contributing to the health of our region.”

Past Honorees: 

2023 Maltz Heritage Award






2023 – Stewart Kohl and The Riverside Company

2020 Maltz Heritage Award






2022 – Dee and Jimmy Haslam

2020 Maltz Heritage Award






2021 – Carole F. Hoover & Vanessa L. Whiting

2020 Maltz Heritage Award






2020 – Richard K. Smucker and The J.M. Smucker Company

2019 Maltz Heritage Award






2019 – Beth Mooney

2018 Maltz Heritage Award






2018 – Chris Connor

2017 Maltz Heritage Award






2017 – Albert and Audrey Ratner

See or download the Maltz Heritage Award Program for 2017
Maltz Heritage Award Program 2017

Barbara Snyder






2016 – Barbara Snyder, Case Western Reserve University

Tamar and Milton Maltz






2015 – Milton and Tamar Maltz (on the Museum’s 10th anniversary, the Board honored its founders)






2014 – Alexander Cutler, Eaton Corporation

Dr. Toby Cosgrove






2013 – Dr. Delos Cosgrove, Cleveland Clinic

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