The Interactive Biography of Stanley Bernath

The Maltz Museum is proud to announce an exciting addition to its permanent collection. Holocaust Survivor Stanley Bernath, of blessed memory, will come to life again on the Museum’s stage as part of the technological innovation of Dimensions in Testimony from USC Shoah Foundation.

For more than 70 years, Holocaust survivors have recounted their stories to people all over the world, providing invaluable insights that shape and inform perspective. USC Shoah Foundation’s Dimensions in Testimony has revolutionized the concept of oral history by integrating advanced filmmaking techniques, specialized display technologies, and next-generation natural language processing to provide an intimate and unique experience. Each specially recorded interview enables visitors to ask questions of the survivor about their life experiences, and hear responses in real-time, lifelike conversation. Questions are answered naturally, as if the survivor is in the room, and through artificial intelligence, the more questions asked, the better the technology becomes.

Stanley Bernath spent over forty years recounting his harrowing story of survival with students and adults across Northeast Ohio. When speaking at the Maltz Museum, he captured the hearts and minds of hundreds, if not thousands, of young people. After hearing his message of resilience and hope, students would often approach him with requests for photos and hugs.

“So many people in our community felt such tremendous loss upon Stanley’s passing,” shared David Schafer, Managing Director of the Maltz Museum. “But, we were comforted knowing we’d see him again. Although nothing in this world can replace having him with us in person, we knew that his story would continue being told in our theatre as an interactive biography. We look forward to re-opening the Museum with Stanley here.”

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Learn more about this project before visiting by watching the trailer from the CBS 60 Minutes episode.

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This exhibit was made possible in part by the generous support of the following sponsors:

Jewish Motorcycle Alliance – Shul Boys
Audrey and Albert Ratner

Stanley Blum z”l
Lois Davis
Barry Feldman and Paul Wehn
Gloria Fine, Amy and Larrie Nadler, and Randy Fine
The Lerner Foundation
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Rina & Samuel M. Frankel Family Foundation
Sheldon and Nancy Hartman
Jan and Linda Moskowitz
Mary Ann and Dan Rothstein
Michael and Pearl Summerfield Trust

Video used in our theater produced by ideastream

Dimensions in Testimony is an initiative by USC Shoah Foundation to record and display testimony in a way that will preserve the dialogue between Holocaust survivors and learners far into the future. Collaborating within the project are Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, with technology by USC Institute for Creative Technologies, and concept by Conscience Display. Funding for Dimensions in Testimony was provided in part by Pears Foundation, Louis. F. Smith, Melinda Goldrich and Andrea Cayton/Goldrich Family Foundation in honor of Jona Goldrich, and Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. Other partners include CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

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