Maltz Legacy Society

How your gift will be recognized

We know that leaving a legacy is a very important and personal decision. We are indebted to you for any help you give to the museum, whatever the size of your gift.

We record and recognize all gifts and commitments appropriately, acknowledging your support in our Annual Review. We also understand that some donors may prefer to remain anonymous.

We also hope that we can thank you for your kindness during your lifetime by inviting you to the museum for special events and activities, allowing you to see first-hand how your gift will make a difference.

What you should do next

Making a Will ensures that your wishes are carried out and helps to remove difficulty or uncertainty for those left behind. We advise that you ask your attorney to help you draw up or amend your Will.

When you have made provisions for your family and friends, you may wish to specify the Maltz Museum as a charitable organization that you would like to help. You can also make a meaningful and lasting impact on the Maltz Museum with a gift in your trust, retirement account or life insurance policy.

You can tell us of your intentions to support the Maltz Museum by filling out the Letter of Intent and/or arranging to discuss leaving a legacy with us by contacting:

Dayan Gross
Director of Development
(216) 593-0570

All correspondence and discussions will be treated with absolute confidentiality and sensitivity.

About the Program

The Maltz Legacy Society is part of Life & Legacy, a partnership between the Jewish Federation of Cleveland and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. Life & Legacy assists communities across North America to promote after-lifetime giving to build endowments that will sustain valued organizations and vibrant communities for the next generation and beyond.

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