A Message from our Co‑Founders

To our Members, Volunteers, and Supporters:

Every day we turn on the television and hear reports about horrific acts of racism, rising antisemitism, and other instances of discrimination. Innocent people’s lives are being destroyed by rage, terror, and … hate.

Combating hate takes courage. When one brave person takes a stand, one can become many. Each year, the Maltz Museum inspires thousands of students to raise their individual and collective “voice” for a better tomorrow.
Teachers rely on us to lift history out of books and into real life, helping young people connect with the past and instilling values that resonate for generations to come. When students participate in our programming, they experience greater empathy between peers and reduced bullying in their classrooms.

We will keep working toward our goal to reach every student in Northeast Ohio, sharing diverse stories of courage from history and today, to Stop the Hate.

As we celebrate fifteen years of the Stop the Hate program, over 45,000 participants, and $1,400,000 in scholarships, we unveil the Museum’s new name and logo that better expresses our work.

May we never forget where we came from and continue to be guided by the Jewish value – Respect for all Humanity.

Milton and Tamar Maltz
Maltz Museum Co-Founders


Maltz Museum