Statement From Maltz Museum on the Attack on Israel

We are living through history and watching it unfold. One day, our children and grandchildren will stand in a Jewish Museum like ours studying artifacts that teach them about this horrific war – a war that is reflective of historic Jew-hatred. The choices we make at this moment both individually and collectively matter. We are often asked at the Maltz Museum how could the Holocaust have happened? How could people have followed Hitler? When we study artifacts that teach us about history, we define for ourselves what it means to be a perpetrator, by-stander, or upstander. Every one of us can choose how to act now. What side of history will each of us be on? We condemn the terrorist attacks on the Jewish people of Israel by Hamas and encourage all people to stand up and speak out against the brutally cruel and utterly inhumane crimes targeting Jewish homes, families, children as young as babies, and the elderly including Holocaust survivors.

Reneé Chelm, Board Chair David Schafer, Managing Director


Maltz Museum