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Essay Contest

The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage is pleased to announce that winners of the 2020 Stop the Hate essay contest will be named on Thursday, May

The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage explores history, culture and identity to make connections and to promote a greater appreciation for Jewish heritage and the diversity of the human experience. Using personal stories of courage, creativity and survival we address relevant societal themes. With the aid of films, oral histories, artifacts, historic photographs, first-hand accounts and interactive computer displays, students actively engage with topics such as:

  • the impact of hatred, racism and discrimination and past and present efforts in Northeast Ohio to build a community of tolerance and inclusion;
  • the tragedy of the Holocaust, inspiring stories of its survivors, and behaviors and actions that precipitate genocide;
  • Cleveland’s evolution from an isolated, swampy village to a thriving, modern metropolis;
  • the American immigrant experience and the struggle to hold onto tradition while embracing new opportunities; and
  • the origins behind and meaning of Jewish values, celebrations and rituals.

Educational Experiences at the Maltz MuseumMaltz Museum programs encourage critical thinking and hands-on, participatory learning. All tours are aligned with State of Ohio Learning Standards in Social Studies, Language Arts and Fine Arts. For more information on tour content, please contact the Maltz Museum by calling 216.593.0593 or emailing


School Groups Note: Through the generous support of The Chelm Family Foundation, The Harry K. and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation, and the Wolf Family Foundation, the Museum provides FREE transportation to students in districts where 50% or more students participate in the National School Lunch Program. In addition, Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) students also receive FREE admission.