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Centuries of Childhood: An American Story

JUNE 11, 2017 – AUGUST 27, 2017

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11am – 5pmCenturies of Childhood
Wednesday: 11am – 9pm

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Centuries of Childhood: An American Story is an interactive, hands-on, kid-friendly exhibit that charts the histories of five children and their families. Ranging from Jacob, the Jewish immigrant living in Cleveland to Michael, the African American youngster moving from the Deep South to Chicago, the exhibit helps kids connect the stories of these characters to their own experiences.

The activities in this exhibit are designed for children ages 2 to 8 years.

Created by The Children's Museum of Cleveland.


Museum Admission

Adults: $10
Children 5 – 11: $5
Children Under 5: Free
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The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage is located just 30 minutes east of downtown Cleveland in Beachwood, Ohio. Convenient to shopping and dining, the Museum is accessible via I-271 or I-480.

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Meet The Children

Onatah, a 7-year-old Iroquois girl, recounts life in the Great Lakes Region in the 1700’s. Explore the long house and paddle the canoe.

Gregory, at 10, is a Colonial apprentice. He shares his story of working and living away from home. Visit the trade shops. Ride his horse.

Clara, a pioneer girl, heads west with her family in 1840. Pack the covered wagon. Explore her campsite.

Jacob is a Jewish immigrant boy living in Cleveland in the late 1800’s. Discover the ship that brought him and the Statue of Liberty that welcomed him.

Michael is a mid-20th century African American child moving from the Deep South to Chicago. Ride the train that carried him north. Visit his first classroom.


Drop-In Tours and Activities

Join us for a fun and educational drop-in tour for Centuries of Childhood—and learn a little bit more about each of the five children featured through an activity!  Each activity delves into real aspects of life in the time of the featured children and is appropriate for all ages.  Allow at least one hour for both the tour and activity.


Thur June 22 11:30am

Onatah will share with you an Iroquois folk tale on how the Sky Woman joined with the geese, the Great Turtle and many other animals to help North America come into existence.

Train Ride

Wed June 28 1pm

Meet Michael who is five years old during The Great Migration.   It is 1947 and Michael and his family move from the rural farm life in Mississippi to go to an improved life in Chicago.  Join Michael in his train ride to Chicago.  Don’t forget to grab your train ticket and take your luggage before you start your ride!

Statue of Liberty

Thur July 6 9:30am

It is 1904 and Jacob, a six year old Jewish immigrant and his family left Europe in order to seek a better life in America.  Join Jacob as he sees the Statue of Liberty on a ship for the first time.  Learn what it was like to travel to America.

Colonial Game

Sat July 15 11:30am

Have you ever made up your own game?  Long ago, children played different games than we do today.

Join Gregory in 1747 Colonial America to learn how to play Hoop and Stick. Please don’t forget your sunscreen and hat!

Pioneer Games

Wed July 19 11:30am

Clara and her family were not able to pack many toys and games because they needed room in their wagons for food and blankets, and other things that kept them safe.  Clara made up many games to play on her journey.  Go back in time and join Clara and play the Pioneer games, Flying Dutchman and Pom-Pom Pullaway outside.  Please don’t forget your sunscreen and hat!

Elijah’s Cup

Thur July 27 9:30am

Join Jacob and learn more about Jacob’s Jewish traditions and holidays which he continues to celebrate as he adjusts to his new home in America.   Learn about the Jewish holiday of Passover and design your own Elijah’s cup.

Iroquois Music Activity

Wed Aug 2 11:30am

Come and join Onatah and listen to Iroquois music.  Can you hear the drums, rattles and bells in the music?  Come join in and play popular Iroquois instruments to their music.

Colonial Game

Thurs Aug 10 9:30am

Have you ever made up your own game?  Long ago, children played different games than we do today.

Join Gregory in 1747 Colonial America to learn how to play Hoop and Stick. Please don’t forget your sunscreen and hat!


Wed Aug16 11:30am

During the Early America times, Jacob helped his family by selling vegetables, clothes and newspapers to people he met on the street in a peddler cart.  He had many other jobs too.  He was a very busy boy!  During Jacob’s free time he would play games outside with his friend.  Join Jacob in playing hopscotch outside.  Please don’t forget your sunscreen and hat!

Jazz Music

Sat Aug 26 11:30am

Join Michael to listen to jazz music and learn more about the jazz musician Louis Armstrong.  Go back to New Orleans, Louisiana where Jazz music was created and hear the blend of ragtime and blues.

Iroquois Plate game

Sun Aug 27 11:30 am

Onatah grew up in the 1700s in North America.  Onatah did not had electricity or even stores buy games but the Iroquois families created great games for the children to play.  Join Onatah in a fun Iroquois game that was handed down from generation to generation.