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Knowledge on the Rise: Putting Challah in Context

Putting Challah in Context

I was first introduced to challah as a little girl by my mother explaining to me that it was like Sally Lunn bread or brioche, which, I was happy to discover, it deliciously was.  It wasn’t until much later that

Q + A with ‘The Family’ author David Laskin

The Family

Author David Laskin shares the moving real-life saga of one Jewish family (his own) spread over three continents and two world wars in The Family: A Journey into the Heart of the Twentieth Century. The course of history brings incredible joy and heartbreaking

10 Stunning Stops on a Faith Tour of Cleveland

10 Stunning Stops of a Faith Tour of Cleveland

It is no secret that Cleveland is a cultural hub. The Czech, German, Slovenian, Chinese, Polish, Irish, Italian and other immigrants that populated this lakeside city helped to shape its neighborhoods, cuisine and religious traditions and institutions. Here, in no

Remembering Betty Gold

Betty Gold

“Speaking to young people as a docent at the Maltz Museum and at schools has inspired me to continue telling my story,” wrote Holocaust survivor and longtime volunteer Betty Gold in her recent memoir, Beyond Trochenbrod. “I’m lucky to have

Inferno: It’s What You Make Of It

Yael Bartana Neon Sign

The Maltz Museum is embarking on an exciting and daring exhibition venture this summer with a single work by celebrated Israeli artist Yael Bartana. Delving into the realm of video installation, we’re creating a large-scale cinematic viewing experience of a

Welcome to the World,


It seems like museum professionals everywhere are buzzing about that elusive 20-something to 30-something demographic.  Who are they? Where are they? What do they want in a cultural experience? How can we connect with them so that they can help

Candace Anker-Roehl: Committed to opening hearts and minds

Candace Anker-Roehl

Candace Anker-Roehl started to lead tours in 2010 after she retired from her teaching career. “I primarily taught kindergarten and first grade,” says Anker-Roehl. “I thought those skills—working with very young children—would be the ones that would prove most valuable

Jeff Kaplan: For this volunteer, it’s the journey as much as the destination

Jeff Kaplan

Jeff Kaplan became a docent in 2010. His wife encouraged him to give it a shot. “I was semi-retired at the time,” says Kaplan. “I had teaching experience and I was a history buff. She thought that combination made this

Ida: Buried secrets and their impact on identity


On the eve of taking her vows, 18-year-old Anna (first-time screen actress Agata Trzebuchoska) receives some surprising news—she has an aunt. Before becoming a nun, Mother Superior says Anna must get to know her only living relative. And so the

Beyond Trochenbrod: Survivor’s story a gift to others

Betty Gold "Beyond Trochenbrod" Book Launch

Once a tightknit community in Poland, Trochenbrod no longer exists. The all-Jewish settlement of 5,000 was destroyed by the Nazis in World War II and, of the 33 residents that escaped its occupation, only one remains to talk about the