Meet the Museum Staff

December 6, 2013
It’s time for another installment of Meet the Museum Staff, our ongoing introduction of the people behind the scenes that make things happen.  This time I would like to introduce you to Laura Kulber Mintz, the Museum’s Director of Marketing, Group Tours & Events.  As you can tell by her title (and featured image), Laura has quite a bit on her desk at one time scheduling adult tours, coordinating private events, and implementing marketing strategies.  She did make the time though to answer a few questions…

What is your all-time favorite album?
Rubber Soul by The Beatles

What book are you currently reading?
The Wisdom of the Enneagram

If you could compare yourself to any fictional character, who would it be?
Elaine from Seinfeld

What item is always in your fridge?
Chocolate and wine…oops that’s two items, oh well. 

Fruit in Jell-O: yes or no?
No Jell-o, no, no…never

If I were James Lipton and we were on Inside the Actor’s Studio, which of the 10 Questions would most like me to ask you and how would you answer?
What is your favorite sound? The answer is the sound of the waves.

How was your Hanukkah? Did you do anything special to commemorate it also being Thanksgiving on the 2nd night?
Yes…we celebrated at a friend’s house for Thanksgiving/Hanukkah and it was also her birthday. A trifecta.

Anything else? Do you have a joke to share?
Unfortunately I don’t remember jokes, but I do have a thought to share. In each moment there is more beauty to experience and more to be grateful for than we can possibly absorb. It is a miracle to be alive (and still standing).