Find Capt. Jack Sparrow and Captain America at the Maltz Museum

Family Activities for About the Right of Being Different

May 13, 2011 – In addition to exploring their own feelings and emotions through About The Right of Being Different: The Art of Diversity and Inclusion at Progressive, guests are encouraged to explore the art itself…and even create their own work. Using five of the thirty-nine pieces in the exhibition as inspiration the Museum has created activities for young and young at heart to enhance the appreciation of the art. This provocative show of contemporary art from the art collection of The Progressive Corporation is on display at the Maltz Museum through Sunday, June 26.


Anita DubePeep, 2003, enamel eyes – create your own Peep-inspired art with a hands on magnet board activity.


Vanessa GermanPower Figure to Save My Life, 2010, and Lonnie HolleyMy Soul’s Marching and The Last Flower of Your Power, 2009 – all three sculptures are made of  found  objects; can you find: two pennies? A cube with the letter “W”?; caution tape? A watch?


Vik MunizOscar Wilde, after Napoleon Sarony, 2009,  Chromogenic print – Napoleon Sarony’s famous photograph of the  writer and poet recreated using toys; can you find these action  figures: Superman? Shrek? Capt. Jack Sparrow? Spider-Man? a  Smurf? Captain America?


Presented by Baker & Hostetler LLP, About the Right of Being Different explores themes of diversity and tolerance, asking tough questions about our personal viewpoints and prejudices. Artworks range from traditional mediums such as painting and sculpture to the up-to-date technology of video installation. Works from well-established artists with international recognition share space with works from emerging artists, including local talent. All 39 of the artworks will challenge and enlighten visitors.