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Emerging Leaders Explore the Maltz Museum


Tal Rothstein, Young Leadership Director for the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, organized the kick-off meeting of Leadership Education Development Series (LEADS) at the Maltz Museum on Monday.  LEADS is designed to foster professional and a volunteer leadership skills. The group

For the Love of the Game: Baseball Artist Margie Lawrence

Baseball artist Margie Lawrence

Chicago artist Margie Lawrence’s subjects range from forgotten players like Chief Meyers to the iconic Joe DiMaggio or the barrier-breaking Jackie Robinson. Lawrence has even painted (and later met) legendary Cleveland Indians pitcher Bob Feller. “I showed him a painting

$125 Million & 300 Organizations

Photo by Beth Segal Photography

We know a vibrant arts and culture scene draws people to our community. Praise for Cleveland as a top place to visit on prestigious lists such as Fodor’s “25 Must-See Travel Destinations for 2015” applauds the city’s offerings for “art

A ‘Chasing Dreams’ Highlight

Mel Allen Sports Comic

Known as “The Voice of the Yankees,” Mel Allen was one of the most well-known sports broadcasters in America. Born in 1913 in Birmingham, Alabama, he began announcing for the New York Yankees in 1940 and continued (on and off) until 1964. During this time he

Meet Lindsay Miller, Registrar and Exhibitions Coordinator

Lindsay Miller, Registrar and Exhibitions Coordinator

A relatively recent addition to the team, Lindsay Miller is the Maltz Museum’s Registrar and Exhibitions Coordinator. She definitely hit the ground running, making sure that the installation and opening of Chasing Dreams: Baseball & Becoming American was successful. Not

‘Full Circle’: A Q+A with Betty Ruth Shear

Full Circle

Betty Ruth Shear made friends as easily as she made the honor roll. Smart, attractive and popular, a bright future lay ahead when life began to spiral out of control. At the age of 19, Shear was diagnosed with bipolar disease

A Local ‘Chasing Dreams’ Highlight

Saturnino Orestes Arrieta Armas “Minnie” Miñoso

Saturnino Orestes Arrieta Armas “Minnie” Miñoso was born in Cuba in 1923.  He was known for playing for the New York Cubans, a Negro League team, before beginning his Major League Baseball career with the Cleveland Indians in 1949. Miñoso

A Baseball Town: Q+A with Baseball Heritage Museum’s Morris Eckhouse

Morris Eckhouse, Baseball Heritage Museum

Morris Eckhouse is excited about Chasing Dreams: Baseball & Becoming American coming to the Maltz Museum this summer (April 12 – September 7, 2015). He sees Chasing Dreams as a perfect fit for a region with such a rich baseball

Q+A with “On a Technicality” Director of Cinematography and Co-Producer Steven Hacker

On a Technicality

Steven Hacker is a familiar face at the Maltz Museum. He’s contributed his time and talent to numerous projects here over the years including the documentary “To Be a Woman in the Holocaust,” winner of two 2014 International Telly Awards.

Stella Walsh: A Documentary

Stella Walsh courtesy of Cleveland Public Library

Rob Lucas is one busy guy. He sits on the board of Akron Film+Pixel, which runs Akron’s newest independent theater, The Nightlight. He’s also the father of a three-year-old and works full-time as editor for Gray & Company Publishers. Still,