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Q+A with VIOLINS OF HOPE Author James A. Grymes

James A. Grymes

A professor of musicology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, James A. Grymes is also the author of Violins of Hope: Violins of the Holocaust—Instruments of Hope and Liberation in Mankind’s Darkest Hour. The book shares the diverse and moving

30 Films, 11 Days: Mandel JCC Cleveland Jewish Film Fest

Mandel JCC Cleveland Jewish FilmFest

Have you checked the schedule for the Cleveland Jewish FilmFest (Oct. 8 – 18, 2015) yet? If you don’t have 11 days to spend in darkened theater, you’re going to have to make some tough decisions. Mandel JCC has assembled an

Chagrin Documentary Film Festival Keeps It “Reel”

Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

Grab some popcorn because it’s time to settle in for almost two full weeks of incredible indie movies. The Mandel JCC Cleveland Jewish FilmFest, now in its ninth year, runs October 8 – 18. Meanwhile, the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival,

3 Reasons You Should Be A Maltz Museum Member

3 Reasons You Should Be A Member

Crowds are already turning out for Violins of Hope, our multisensory exhibition sharing the moving stories behind 19 violins that survived the Holocaust. In the coming months we have a calendar packed with film screenings, lectures, plays, concerts and another

VIOLINS OF HOPE Artifact Highlight

Kovno Ghetto Orchestra

On August 18, 1942, not long after the Kovno Ghetto was sealed, 534 of its most highly educated male occupants were murdered. After this, many of the musicians in the ghetto were afraid to claim themselves as professionals. This photograph

Shana tova u’metuka

Shana Tova

Wishing you a happy, healthy and sweet New Year! לשנה טובה ומתוקה This 1900s Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) postcard, printed in Germany and written in Hebrew and Yiddish, was distributed during a time of mass Jewish immigration to the United States.

Meet (Some of) Our Team


It’s the final days of Chasing Dreams: Baseball & Becoming American (on view through Sept. 7, 2015). The exhibition from the National Museum of American Jewish History made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for

Moments in Time
Captured in Plastic


When the Chasing Dreams: Baseball & Becoming American exhibition opened at the Maltz Museum this summer, we started learning things about our volunteers, funders, co-workers and visitors. People who experience the exhibition began sharing stories about their favorite baseball memories

Look for these 5 Artifacts in Chasing Dreams

Look for these 5 Artifacts in Chasing Dreams

If you haven’t found an opportunity to explore Chasing Dreams: Baseball & Becoming American, time is running out. This National Museum of American Jewish History exhibition examining how issues of culture, community and identity have played out through our national

A League (Park) of their Own

Member Reception at Baseball Heritage Museum

One of the best aspects of working at a Museum that brings special exhibitions to the region is the exciting opportunity to collaborate. From a hidden baseball history tour to programs that featured the likes of Carlos Baerga, Jack Corrigan