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Each year, we receive approximately two to three thousand submissions from students in 6 – 12th grade attending schools in 12 counties in Northeast Ohio. The essays are scored according to a matrix

Matthew Mullin GrayThe Maltz Museum offers many opportunities for students to learn about citizenship and the American experience – Click here for descriptions of our tours for students in grades K-12.

Stop the Hate® Guided Tour (Grades 6-12)
$3 per student
Call 216.593.0575 to schedule.

Hate knows many forms in human history, from global terror campaigns to everyday acts of discrimination. This tour offers an interactive experience that complements the Museum’s annual $100,000 Stop the Hate®: Youth Speak Out essay and Youth Sing Out songwriting contests. Through study of historical documents and artifacts, group discussion and writing activities, students reflect on racism, discrimination and oppression. Students are challenged to consider their roles in creating a better tomorrow. (COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS ANCHOR STANDARDS FOR WRITING CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.W; HS OSS, CONTEMPORARY WORLD ISSUES: CIVIC PARTICIPATION AND SKILLS CS6, CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS CS10)



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